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Why choose Corporate Training Materials?

With our training courseware you can:
  • Customize the content to make the training more relevant to your audience (i.e. using examples and case studies from within your organization or city)
  • Completely customize it for your needs!
  • Print as many copies as you need.
  • Have unlimited users within your organization.
  • Add your name and logo (and remove ours).

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Handling a Difficult Customer

Wouldn’t the world be a great place if every customer was a pleasure to deal wit...

Customizable  Training  Materials

Professional training materials are the cornerstone of all business training and development activities. These classroom-ready workshop materials will save trainers hundreds of hours of preparation, and ensure a polished impression for new and seasoned trainers alike.
What's included in the complete product:
  • PowerPoint
  • Quick
    Job Aids
  • Training Manuals
    & Instructor Guide
  • Icebreakers, Activities,
    & Exercise Files

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